Horse massage in the Sacramento Area.


Equine Sports Massage is more than just a relaxing session. Utilizing compression and addressing pressure points, sports massage allows the horse to relax and prevent future injury. This non-invasive therapy does more than provide relaxation.


One Stride offers a variety of massage techniques to make sure your horse (and your bank account) benefits. We want to make sure your horse is taken care of and happy!


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About One Stride

 I started One Stride after I saw the amazing benefits of equine massage on my own horse. It took a handful of sessions, but there was an improvement in her performance, her muscle tone, and her demeanor. I want that to happen for every horse! I have a degree in animal science and an equine sports massage therapy from Equissage. My goal is to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance of your horse, one stride at a time. I can’t wait to help and for you to see the fantastic results!

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