The Start of a New Adventure

one stride horse massage

I am thrilled to start One Stride Horse Massage! Equine sports massage therapy has the power to help so many horses and I can’t wait to do what I can to help. I named my venture one stride because I believe we need to take things one stride at a time. It’s so easy to get caught up in the finished product, but we rarely focus on the journey. I’m here to help with that journey.

I think it’s safe to say we all know what massage can do. When you get the pleasure (and if you’re a horse person, you know it’s rare) to have a massage yourself, you prepare to enter pure bliss. You walk away from that massage table feeling completely relaxed, almost euphoric with the release of tension, and you know there’s not a sore muscle in your body.

Well, it’s the same for horses.

They get that same, amazing feeling whenever they have a massage! It helps them relax, sure, but it also helps them maintain their muscle tone, improve circulation, and help with locomotion. They don’t have to be restricted from sore muscles! Horse massage, like human massage, is truly something amazing. I’m delighted to give back to the animals I love so dearly. To make them feel “back to normal” throughout their careers of hard work. I can’t wait for this new adventure and I can’t wait to help your beloved companion feel amazing!

I am a certified equine sports massage therapist through Equissage, one of the leaders in equine massage therapy. Through my training, I’m able to diagnose muscular soreness and alleviate tension throughout their body. I can also help you understand their level of movement and improve their performance. I’m excited to work with you! Please see my services page for more information.

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