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One of the things I absolutely hate is when you learn something new, only to use it sporadically and then you forget it like last week’s trash! Hopefully, I’m not alone with this. That’s why I’m always practicing what I learn and always continuing to learn. Education is one of our core values at One Stride. We’re definitely taking this value to heart this week. Like…

I now offer acupressure as a service!

You know my goal is to help my clients reduce injury and improve performance. I strive to do this through massage and education. Acupressure pairs nicely with massage, since it “treats” pressure points along a certain energy meridian, similar to massage. Acupressure also fits well with my take on massage, since it focuses on treating the entire horse.

This holistic take on healing works. There is scientific evidence that acupressure & acupuncture stimulate endorphins to suppress pain. While acupressure doesn’t produce the same caliber of healing than acupuncture, it’s a fabulous alternative treatment for someone that isn’t a veterinarian. It focuses on balancing the many energy meridians within the body. There are many points we can focus on, but the goal is to have the horse’s yin and yang restored. We can also connect various energy meridians to unbalances, like if your horse has hind end lameness or even had a cough!

I’m so thrilled to offer this service and help your horse balance their energies, effectively addressing any lameness, digestion, or mental health issues. I’ve used it for my horse’s recurring lameness for months now (in combination with Western medicine) and I’ve seen great results. She’s more level-headed, more balanced during my rides, and seems to have a positive attitude.

If you’re interested in learning more about acupressure, I would really recommend you visit the services page on this website, or pick up a great read about it!

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