Let me to be completely honest: at first, I was skeptical of horse massage and equine bodywork.

I’ll just introduce myself before I really get to the point. My name is Kaitlyn and I’m here to help your horse improve performance and prevent injury. Like every other horse girl, my whole life has always been about horses. Starting at 5 years old, I took every lesson I could get my hands on and begged my parents for a pony. 

From the day I got my first pony, JellyBean, everything was all about horses. Not only did I ride every day, but I spent hours at the barn learning everything I could. I rode all sorts of disciplines, mucked stalls, helped kids learn to ride, and any other job that allowed me to be around horses. I wanted to be an equine vet for years, just so that I could give back to the sport and the animal that I’ve fallen in love with.

In college, I studied Animal Science with the hopes of learning everything I could to work with these animals. Nutrition, anatomy, exercise physiology, and biomechanics were my favorite classes. I was obsessed with learning how everything worked so I knew exactly how to solve problems in horses. Little did I know, I would turn my education into something that would truly help horses.

When I was growing up, equine bodywork was a given when your horse was in competition. 

We all know that your competition horse needs some kind of work to get them feeling good again. But when it came time to choose what I did for my horse, I always picked chiropractic work. As I started learning more about horse anatomy, I introduced techniques that were more muscle-focused. I noticed a huge change in my horse – she was calmer, focused, and less likely to get injured. I hadn’t connected the dots until I started having her get massaged regularly.

That began One Stride Horse Massage! I noticed a stark difference when my horse would get massaged regularly. She was more relaxed, comfortable to work, and was rarely resistant to go into frame. Plus, it’s absolutely worthwhile to see her immediately fall asleep when she’s getting a massage. My goal is to that same sense of relaxation and calmness for each and every horse.

Enough about the business, let’s hear about the horses! I own a Hanoverian Thoroughbred named Raven for about 10 years now. We used to compete in 3 Day, but we’ve since dedicated our time (reluctantly) to rehab as of late. My hope is to keep riding and just do what she’s able. My experience with rehabilitating an injury helped me make my choice to become a certified equine sports massage therapist. I honestly couldn’t believe how much massage helped Raven, even during stall rest!

When I’m not busy riding horses or massaging their aches away, I’m busy backpacking Desolation Wilderness or trying any new recipe I can get my hands on. If you have a great recipe for some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, let me know!