Sports Massage Benefits

Equine sports massage offers a laundry list of advantages! From improving athletic performance to increasing the flow of nutrients to a muscle, massage can help each and every horse. Massage is considered a non-invasive therapy and can be used on nearly every horse! Whether we are maintaining an athlete or for giving your school horse some much needed relaxation, massage can help. Besides some R&R, you can expect to see:

Release endorphins

Increase circulation

Increase flexibility

Maintain muscle balance

Enhance muscle tone

Enhance muscle vigor

Increase range of motion

Reduce swelling

Metabolic waste elimination

Reduce atrophy of inactive muscles

massaging appaloosa one stride horse massage

All in all, sports massage has more benefits than not. After a massage or two, you’ll notice an improvement in your horse and their movement. 

Want to give it a go? Look at our pricing page for more information. I am also part of the IAAMB, the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. This organization is an excellent resource to learn more about massage!

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